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Plants Are For Everyone.

Dahing Plants is the online presence of DA HING FLORIST, a family-owned plant shop in the heart of Chinatown. We work hard to provide the freshest plants to our customers and that's why we often get compliments on our plant quality and selection. To keep up with our quality expectations and availability, we expanded our shop throughout the years by purchasing our greenhouse in New Jersey and expanding to a bigger retail shop. The most recent expansion is the online presence of DA HING FLORIST, which is differently named Dahing Plants. Dahing Plants keeps the original values of the family shop and strives to make our beloved plants more widely available to the average consumer throughout the nation. I envision Dahing Plants to be a forward-thinking online plant shop that solves customer pain points with modern solutions and make the online plant shopping experience overall, more enjoyable, and more exciting.

Fresh And Healthy Plants, Always.

During the seven years, we've been in business, we are known to our customers for providing quality plants. All of our plants come straight from our own greenhouse, where it is kept in optimal condition before being delivered instead of staying in the corner of a retail shop, not receiving the care that it needs. In our greenhouse, we maintain optimal temperature, moisture level, and inspect each plant for house pests. Learn more about how we promise quality plants below.

Fast Local Delivery Service And Free Nationwide Shipping

We make it easy for you to buy our quality guaranteed plants. You don't have to travel or carry a huge plant home. We offer free 2-day local delivery service throughout the five boroughs of New York City and select parts of New Jersey. We are also shipping nationwide for free!

Modern Planter & Free Re-potting Service

Pair up your new plant with our modern ceramic planter selections! We will even re-pot the plant in the planter for free. Let us handle the dirty work and save you the trouble of re-potting the plant yourself. This will also ensure that the plant is re-potted to grow properly.

Expert Plant Advice

After you buy a plant from us, our team of plant experts will be there to answer any questions you may have about your new plant!


How We Promise Quality

We are well aware that a plant can die easily when not treated properly. So we do our job of keeping the plant fresh and healthy before you place the order.

Plants Arrive At Our Greenhouse.

Plants are shipping to our own greenhouse from where they're grown with a trusted freight company that provides the plant with care.




No More Transporting Another Location

Usually, after plants are transported to a greenhouse, plants will then be unpackaged and then repackaged again after undergoing a hectic day of being picked out before they are shipped to another retail plant shop. This causes shock to the plant that may affect future plant health. We solve this by simply keeping our inventory in our own greenhouse.

No More Insufficient Care For The Plant

Usually, plants are being kept in not-so-great conditions when they finally arrive in a retail plant shop only to be picked out and transferred again. We solve this problem by keeping all or most of our inventory in our greenhouse, where plants receive the care they need.

We Handpick Your Plant From Our Greenhouse.

When we gather items to prepare your order, we always pick you the best of the best plants by inspecting every plant for quality, physical structure, and if there are any pests.

We Deliver The Plant To You.

After a plant has passed our inspection, we then re-pot the plant (if you bought a planter), and package it with care before finally delivering it locally or shipping it to you. All that's left for you to do is enjoy your healthy new plant.


Where We Are


707 Sampton Ave, South plainfield, NJ, 07080

*not opened to visitors (online orders gets fulfilled here)

Retail shop

289 Grand St, Manhattan, NY, 10002

(646) 649-5088

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Our History

Da Hing Florist Grand Opening In 2013

We opened our doors in June 2013 with a 700 sq ft retail space and the shop was packed within hours.

Returning Customers For Our Quality

We often have customers coming back and telling us that "you have the best quality and great selections! Better than the flower district and most plant shops around". Soon, we attracted plant lover's attention from over the city and neighboring states. The plant shop became a very crowded place. 

Our Own Greenhouse

To keep up with quality and demands, we bought our own greenhouse in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

Retail Shop Expansion

Retail shop soon got too crowded and we decided to rent the "back portion" of the shop, which was formerly a separate art gallery location.

Online Expansion!

With all the supply and demands in front of us, we decided to take the business online. The online presence is called Dahing Plants and is a different department.

Everyone Is Our Client.

We don't just sell to the average consumer, we also provide our plants, indoor plant setup, and maintenance services to any place that needs it such as an office, restaurant, retail store, ...anywhere.  We also provide services to special events from weddings to horse races. Our past clients include Saks Fifth Avenue, Taco Dumbo, BiaForce, Longines Global Champions Tour, and more. See pictures of our past works below 

Free Delivery. Free Re-potting. Freshest Plants Possible.

Buying Fresh Plants, Made Easy For Everyone.

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