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Comes Straight From Our Own Greenhouse

All our plants come straight from our own greenhouse, where the plants are kept in optimal lighting, moisture ...etc before they are sent out for delivery.

Hand Picked Plants For Every Order.

On top of plants straight from our greenhouse, our fulfillment staff hand picks the plants for every order to ensure you get the best of the freshest plant.

Handled With Love And Care.

Every plant is quality checked and carefully pruned and packaged.



How We Promise Quality

We are well aware that a plant can die easily when not treated properly. So we do our job of keeping the plant fresh and healthy before you place the order.

Plants Arrive At Our Greenhouse.

Plants are shipping to our own greenhouse from where they're grown with a trusted freight company that provides the plant with care.


No More Transporting Another Location

Usually, after plants are transported to a greenhouse, plants will then be unpackaged and then repackaged again after undergoing a hectic day of being picked out before they are shipped to another retail plant shop. This causes shock to the plant that may affect future plant health. We solve this by simply keeping our inventory in our own greenhouse.

No More Insufficient Care For The Plant

Usually, plants are being kept in not-so-great conditions when they finally arrive in a retail plant shop only to be picked out and transferred again. We solve this problem by keeping all or most of our inventory in our greenhouse, where plants receive the care they need.

We Handpick Your Plant From Our Greenhouse.

When we gather items to prepare your order, we always pick you the best of the best plants by inspecting every plant for quality, physical structure, and if there are any pests.


We Deliver The Plant To You.

After a plant has passed our inspection, we then re-pot the plant (if you bought a planter), and package it with care before finally delivering it locally or shipping it to you. All that's left for you to do is enjoy your healthy new plant.



Places We Deliver To

We offer 2-day deliveries to:

- All parts of NYC

- Selected parts of New Jersey.

You can check if we serve your area by using our zip code checker.


Buy Plants Online With Confidence.

This is a gift, can I add a note?

Of course you can! Here's how you do it: 

1. Choose the perfect gift plant, and add that plant to your cart.

2. Go to the cart page by clicking the "bag icon".

3. Right under the product card is an "Order/Gift Note:" section. Enter your note, and you're all set!

Will someone bring up the plant?

We do not bring up plants by default (except for full-size plants). But if you require assistance bringing up any plants, just reach out to us once you've made the purchase and we will work out a special delivery timeframe to bring up the plants for you.

Do you offer guarantee?

Yes, 14 day guarantee.

Still have questions? Just text (609) 968-7063


Shop Quality Plants Online.

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